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Retail Fresh Products

Calavo is proud to offer signature guacamoles that stay and taste fresh for up to 50 days. Our guacamoles are hand-prepared using fresh ingredients including 100% Hass avocados. Each recipe has its own mix of fresh ingredients such as onion, garlic, jalapeno peppers, tomatillo, serrano peppers and cilantro with a little bit of salt.

No preservatives here. After preparation, our guacamole is packaged in either pouches or trays and sealed fresh. The secret is cold pasteurization via Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) technology. The process has the very same inactivating affect on microorganisms as methods using heat or chemicals. But unlike those harsh methods, UHP has no affect whatsoever on taste, texture, color, nutritional value or the vitamin content of the food.

Whether sold at retail or used in foodservice, Calavo's Ultra-High Pressure ready-to-eat, hand-prepared guacamoles are preservative-free, unbelievably fresh, and incredibly delicious. For product specifications and nutrition information on Calavo Ultra High Pressure products click here 

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