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No surprise, avocados and guacamole make everything much more special. Consumers consider avocados and guacamole somewhat of an indulgence. Better still, they’re willing to pay more for menu items when avocados and guacamole are added. Consider adding them to create gourmet burgers, bistro pizzas, southwestern salads, souped up salsas and side dishes, and of course, your own signature guacamoles

What may surprise you, however, is that menu mentions for avocados and guacamole are growing at the astonishing rate of 20% a year. Now, why else should you serve Calavo® premium frozen guacamoles, pulp, sauces and avocado halves? These items are simply a recipe for success: 

  • All products feature 100% Hass avocados
  • Convenient and always ready when you are
  • Consistently prepared and available year-round
  • OU Kosher certified
  • Variety of flavor and texture profiles including chunky pulp and halves
  • Multiple size packs and containers offering the ability for portion control
  • 2-year frozen shelf life from date of manufacture

Calavo frozen guacamole and avocado products start with the very best -- 100% Hass avocados and contain absolutely no fillers or food colorings like other frozen brands.  These OU Kosher certified products are convenient and always ready to use.  Our flavorful frozen products are still hand-prepared and undergo the same stringent UHP process as our fresh guacamole.  This process kills the potentially harmful bacteria, preventing damage.  Packaged in airtight pouches and placed in tubs fro distribution, the entire product line features a 2-year shelf-life from date of manufacture.

Contact a Calavo Foods at guacamole@calavo.com for more information about our frozen products for foodservice.