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There are truly thousands of varieties of avocados. But today, the Hass variety represents 94% of Avocados sold in the United States. Calavo markets avocados from Mexico and California.  For specifics on each of these varieties, see below.

Availability: Year-Round
  • Oval shaped with a medium thick and pebbly green skin
  • Medium sized seed with gold pulp edged in green
  • Rich buttery flavor and smooth texture
  • Full range of sizes average 84 to 28 count
  • Skin darkens to a purplish black when fully ripe
  • Yields to gentle pressure when ripe
  • Excellent shipping and storage capability
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Excellent response to ethylene conditioning

Availability: Late June to 
Early October


  • Often referred to as “Summer Hass” 
  • Matures in June/July, available all summer 
  • Oval shaped with a thick, shell-like, pebbly green skin 
  • Medium sized seed with gold pulp edged in green 
  • Rich, buttery Hass flavor and texture 
  • Large sizes – 32’s, 28’s and 24’s
  • Good shipping, storage and shelf life
  • Responds well to ethylene conditioning