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Time Line

The California Avocado Growers Exchange is founded as a grower-member-owned cooperative. Packing volume is approximately 180,000 pounds.
As the result of a national naming contest, the Avocado Growers Exchange becomes Calavo.
Calavo builds its first grower-owned packinghouse in Vernon, California.
Calavo diversifies its product line with limes and avocado oil, the Company's first processed food.
Calavo makes its first "Million Dollar Return" to grower-members.
Calavo now has 31 sales offices nationwide.
Calavo acquires a packinghouse in Escondido, California, which operates until 1988.
Calavo begins marketing papaya under the Calavo Gold name. The product line now includes coconuts, mangoes, kiwifruit, persimmons and Asian pears under a variety of product names.
Calavo breaks ground of its Santa Paula packinghouse, which is still used as a primary packing facility today.
Calavo acquires Frigid Foods in Escondido, California.
Markets expand internationally, beginning with Japan.
Calavo launches its first processed consumer product, a one pound can of "Avocado Dip" (guacamole).
Calavo celebrates its 50th anniversary with building of a new processing plant in Santa Paula, California. Sales top $25 million.
Calavo opens its first automated facility in Temecula, CA. Corporate headquarters move to Santa Ana, California, halfway between Temecula and Santa Paula.
Gross sales exceed $150 million.
Calavo opens packinghouse in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico, from which avocados are exported to Japan, Europe, and Canada.
Member-shareholders vote overwhelmingly to convert to for-profit status, paving the way for Calavo to become a publicly traded company.
Calavo shares are listed and begin trading publicly over the NASDAQ Market System under the ticker symbol CVGW.
Calavo acquires Maui Fresh International Inc., a multi-product specialty produce distributor.
Calavo celebrates its 80th Anniversary with the opening of a new 90,000-plus square foot production facility in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico. The Company introduces ultra-high pressure guacamole products into the marketplace and begins sourcing avocados from the Dominican Republic. Calavo now number 2,300, and annual packing volume exceeds152 million pounds.
Calavo Growers, Inc. announces equity cross-investments with Limoneira Company, one of the industry’s largest avocado growers. Calavo relocates its corporate headquarters to offices on the Limoneira Ranch in Santa Paula, California.
Calavo opens three Value Added Depots in California, New Jersey, and Texas to service customers with ProRipeVIP® avocados. Partners with Platinum Produce to form Maui Fresh International, located in the Los Angeles terminal market.
Calavo introduces a line of premium tortilla chips; Calavo Guacamole Tortilla Chips and Calavo Sea Salt Tortilla Chips.
Calavo partners with St. Paul, Minnesota-based Salsa Lisa salsa, a popular branded fresh salsa maker in the Northeast.
Calavo acquires Renaissance Food Group, a provider of fresh-cut, prepared produce and Calavo Foods expands with a distinctive new Avocado Hummus - a first of it's kind offering.
Expansion of Mexican Fresh Avocado Packing Operations is completed.  The upgraded Uruapan packinghouse now has the capacity to pack at least 6 million pounds of fruit per week, a 200% increase.
Calavo creates FreshRealm, a fresh food cloud-based technology business