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Support & Services

Each year brings challenges and opportunities. Calavo District Managers can be an invaluable resource by providing a road map to help optimize harvest and maximize profits. Here is the level of support and services growers can expect:
  • Crop estimate for planning purposes and harvest strategy
  • Crop evaluations
  • Real-time grower information such as current prices and sales trends
  • Acquaint growers with new products and services as they become available - especially in the area of pest control
  • Timely pack out information: down to the pound, grade and size of your crop
  • Grower supplies such as clippers, picking poles, bags, and other items inventoried at your Calavo field office
  • Meetings & seminars that import crop projections, pest control, market forecasts, and how these factors might influence your marketing plans
  • Grower statements provide monthly pool summary, annual accounting statement, and all pounds delivered, payments and deductions
  • Harvest assistance: crop harvesting, bin delivery and full-bin pickups

GAP/GHP Certification

Calavo Growers has experienced field managers to help you with GAP and GHP certification.  With an industry wide call to action, we understand that there may be some changes to your traditional growing methods.  We're here to help you continue growing while still meeting the USDA standardized Good Agricultural Practices and Good Harvesting Practices certifications.  The documents below provide information on preparing for certification and you can always call your field manager with any questions or to come by for a visit.

USDA GAP & GHP (relevant pages)  
The full version of this document is available on the USDA website

Good Agricultural Practices 
Good Agricultural Practices - Spanish 
Good Agricultural Practices Checklist

Good Harvesting Practices 
Good Harvesting Practices - Spanish 
Good Harvesting Practices Checklist

Special Assistance For New Growers

Historically, Calavo returns more to the acre than any other avocado handler which is precisely why many of the largest growers and farm managers in California bring their fruit to us. Moreover, Calavo is the first name in avocados having introduced this pebbly green fruit to the U.S. in 1924.


California Avocado Commission

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