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Calavo Growers, Inc. is a global leader in the avocado industry and an expanding provider of value-added fresh food.  Our expertise in marketing and distributing avocados, prepared avocados and other perishable foods allows us to deliver a wide array of fresh and prepared food products to food distributors, produce wholesalers, supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants on a worldwide basis.  We procure avocados principally from California, Mexico and Chile.  Through our various operating facilities, we sort, pack and/or ripen avocados, tomatoes and/or Hawaiian grown papayas.  Additionally, we also produce salsa and prepare ready-to-eat produce and deli products.  We distribute our products both domestically and internationally and report our operations in two different business segments.


Calavo Stock Information

Calavo owns valuable exclusive trademarks internationally that represent Calavo Growers, Inc. and its products and services.
Do not manufacture, distribute, or sell merchandise bearing the Calavo trademark, including the Calavo logo without prior
written authorization from Calavo Growers, Inc.