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Avocado Sizes

Avocados are loved in all sizes.  Depending on how you're planning on using your avocados, the image below may offer a little assistance.  For example, several size 40's will make a great batch of guacamole.  Or if you plan on making your avocado a meal, a size 60 will do the trick.  These sizes are standardized throughout the avocado industry.

3.75-4.75 oz.
1/3 cup

4.75-6.25 oz.
7/16 cup

6.25-7.5 oz.
1/2 cup

7.5-9.5 oz.
2/3 cup

9.5-10.5 oz.
7/8 cup

10.5-11.75 oz.
15/16 cup

11.75-13.75 oz.
1 cup

13.75 oz.
1 1/8 cup

Normal avocados will have between 60-70% pulp yield.
Source: California Department of Food and Agriculture - Avocado Inspection Program