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Verified Internal Pressure Technology That Moves at the Speed of Sound

Acoustic Firmness Sorting (AFS) is the latest, most innovative technology for non-destructive measurement of avocado firmness. AFS sensors “listen” to the acoustic response of the avocado using sound waves. In this way, AFS measures the vibration pattern of the entire piece of fruit. This pattern (resonance attenuated vibration) is characteristic of the overall firmness and the internal structure of avocados. The signals are analyzed to determine the firmness index or internal pressure of the fruit as a whole, rather than only as a small part. And because skin color is not indicative of internal pressure, you get avocados that are completely and uniformly ripe in every box. And, AFS technology is only available from Calavo.

ProRipeVIP® avocados can be ordered by VIP Ripe Stages according to your foodservice, retail, or wholesale requirements.

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ProRipeVIP® avocados are shipped from the following Calavo Value-Added Depots:

Value-Added Depot, California
Value-Added Depot, New Jersey
Value-Added Depot, Texas

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