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Private Label

Calavo is the largest marketer of avocados in the world, which means we have the greatest source of product year-round to make our delicious guacamoles. And we make a lot of it. In fact, you may not even know you’re eating it because we supply guacamole, avocado products, salsas and hummus to companies all over the world.

Calavo has the ability to offer a unique private label program allowing retail and foodservice distributors and operators to market our guacamole, salsa and avocado products under their company brand. Additionally, Calavo can custom-formulate frozen or Ultra-High Pressure products using only fresh, 100% Hass avocados.

You can feel good in knowing your guacamole and other fresh products are made by Calavo. Why?

  • Our name has been synonymous with quality since 1924
  • We provide third-party food safety inspections and certifications
  • A year-round supply from the world’s largest avocado marketer with global resources

To explore the possibilities, contact Ron Araiza, Vice President Calavo Foods at (805) 921-3220 or your Calavo Regional Sales Manager.


Calavo owns valuable exclusive trademarks internationally that represent Calavo Growers, Inc. and its products and services.
Do not manufacture, distribute, or sell merchandise bearing the Calavo trademark, including the Calavo logo without prior
written authorization from Calavo Growers, Inc.