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Most salsa brands are created by ad agencies on Madison Avenue. Salsa Lisa, however, is 100% homemade and anything but fiction.

It began in the early 90s. Then-college student, Lisa Nicholson, planted her very first backyard tomato garden. By summer's end her tomatoes flourished and her kitchen overflowed with an abundance of sweet, juicy tomatoes. With a love for cooking and a flair for entertaining, Lisa treated guests to her robust salsas made in small batches and prepared weekly from hand-cored tomatoes, peeled-by-hand onions, jalapenos, garlic and habanero peppers.

With a flavor profile that's brighter, fuller and bigger than other salsas, the enthusiasm was overwhelming and requests for Salsa Lisa were overflowing. Before long, Salsa Lisa was a staple in the refrigerated section of all the major grocery stores in town. The more taste buds these salsas touched, the more word of mouth took over. As a result, retailers throughout the Northeast region demanded product for their stores.

Meanwhile, back in California, Calavo began looking for salsas to complement our line of fresh, all-natural avocado products. So, in February 2010, we partnered with Salsa Lisa; now also known as Calavo Salsa Lisa.  We are marketing these remarkably fresh salsas nationally and we've had a very good response thus far.

Calavo Salsa Lisa is currently available in the produce sections of many grocery stores nationwide in both 15 ounce and 31.5 ounce jars.  Foodservice operators can order Calavo Salsa Lisa in 4/1 gallon or 2/1 gallon cases.

Calavo Salsa Lisa Mild Homemade Recipe: Made fresh, this classic recipe has full real flavors loaded with character but not heat. So fresh and flavorful, this salsa is for everyone. Enjoy!- Lisa


Calavo Salsa Lisa Medium Homemade Recipe: This is the perfect blend of ingredients. The jalapenos enhance the full fresh flavors without an overpowering burn. The result is an exceptional salsa that is perfectly balanced and is one of my favorites. Enjoy!- Lisa


Calavo Salsa Lisa Real Hot Homemade Recipe: Yes, this one's real hot. Habaneros add big flavor and definite heat to this robust salsa. Full fresh flavors and a full burn, this one has it all. Enjoy!- Lisa


Calavo Salsa Lisa Roasted Chipotle: A salsa for those who love the smoky, smoldering flavor of chipotle. Use it to make a chipotle burger, or a smoky flavored guacamole. Chili? Oh yea, a perfect ingredient. And, of course, the simple joy of dipping. Enjoy!- Lisa


Calavo Salsa Lisa Tomatillo & Green Chile: This fabulous salsa inspires great recipes! Try it with slow-cooked pork, chicken, enchiladas or create green eggs and ham. Or, would you, could you on a chip. Enjoy!- Lisa


Calavo Salsa Lisa Sweet Pineapple Ginger: Sweet and savory, this salsa boasts exotic flavors and a tropical flair. Fruity without being overly sweet, it is a perfect complement to anything grilled fish, chicken, pork, seafood and brightens up even the most ordinary chip. Enjoy!- Lisa


Calavo Salsa Lisa Mild Avocado Salsa: The smooth, creamy, brilliant combination of avocados and Lisa's fresh ingredients gives you a salsa SO flavorful you're sure to enjoy it on everything from sandwiches to salads.


Calavo Salsa Lisa Hot Avocado Salsa: This fabulous recipe combines creamy avocados, fresh salsa flavors and spicy habaneros for an unbeatable salsa that has it all. Try it spicy and try it on everything!


Quick Ideas:

Mix Salsa Lisa with black, red or pinto beans.

Add real flavor to the top of a baked potato, grilled fish, veggies, rice or a burger.

Spice up your meatloaf, improve your chili, or add it to ground turkey or beef for zesty flavor. 

Mix Salsa Lisa with a low fat yogurt for a healthy tasty salad dressing, topping or dip.

Mix with cream cheese and use it to stuff bell peppers. 

Flavor up scrambled eggs or your favorite omlete with any Salsa Lisa flavor.

Use Salsa Lisa in place of dry "taco seasoning" mixes for more flavor.

If you're a dipper, pair Calavo Salsa Lisa with Calavo Guacamole and Calavo Chips for any party!


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