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Foodservice Fresh Products

The key to guacamole as fresh as the day it was made is called Ultra-High Pressure (UHP).  Fact is, this remarkable development is how Calavo avocado halves, pulp and signature guacamoles stay fresh -- and taste fresh -- for up to 90 days.

During the UHP process, our products are placed under pressure...a lot of pressure.  About 87,000 psi is applied as equal pressure from every direction.  This amount of pressure kills micro-organisms by interrupting their cellular functions.  These micro-organisms can't take the pressure!  Even better UHP works without the use of heat that can damage taste, texture and nutrient content.  It's like 'cold pasteurization' but better.  Since spoilage causing micro-organisms are destroyed, our products will actually stay fresher longer, which is good news for you and your customers.

Whether you're a small or large foodservice operator, Calavo has the avocado products to supply your needs.  Fresh refrigerated guacamole, avocado halves and pulp are packed in tubs, pails, pouches, canisters, singles and easy squeeze options.  Our guacamole comes in a varied degree of spiciness from mild to really hot.  Not only do our fresh foodservice products give you the many options you need, we save you time from having to prepare the same items yourself.  Pound for pound the cost savings, without sacrifice of flavor or value, will increase your bottom line.

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