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Calavo is the largest marketer of avocados in the world. We import avocados from Mexico, Chile, and other avocado producing countries to meet consumer demand when California avocados are not in the peak of season. Additionally, Calavo Growers exports avocados from California and other producing countries to meet demand worldwide.

Global demand for avocados has blossomed, and it's not surprising.  This little green fruit that was once considered an expensive luxury, is touted for its energizing nutritional qualities.  Perhaps that's why Calavo, the most widely recognized brand in avocados, is now a leading exporter of premium-grade Hass avocados worldwide. 

As a diversified company, with a portfolio that consists of far more than avocados, Calavo will also be able to greatly expand imported specialty offerings.  For more information on availability and distribution, contact freshsales@calavo.com

California United States, Europe and China
Mexico United States, Canada, Europe and Asia
Chile United States and Europe
Peru United States and Canada

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