Q: When did Calavo become publicly traded?
A: Calavo shares were listed and began trading publicly in July 2002 over the Nasdaq National Market System under the ticker symbol CVGW..

Q: Did the company complete an initial public offering?
A: No, it did not. Founded in 1924, the company operated principally as a grower-member-owned cooperative for 78 years. Its shareholder-growers voted for the conversion to full for-profit status in the fall of 2001, which laid the path for Calavo becoming publicly traded..

Q: How can I purchase shares of Calavo common stock?
A: Please contact your own licensed broker or Doug DeGroote of United Wealth Management, which makes a market in Calavo shares. Mr. DeGroote can be reached at (805) 230-0111..

Q: Whom do I contact regarding lost stock certificates or changes in address or title to my shares?
A: All questions regarding ownership of Calavo Growers, Inc. shares should be directed to the company's transfer agent, Computershare Trust Company, N.A. at 1-800-962-4284..

Q: What is the company's fiscal-year end?
A: Calavo's fiscal year concludes October 31..

Q: Does Calavo generally distribute a dividend to its shareholders?
A: Yes, annual dividends are generally paid during the first fiscal quarter each year..

Q: What if I did not receive my dividend payment?
A: Notify Computershare Trust Company, N.A. in order to verify your ownership information, or, if your Calavo shares are held in "street name," your broker directly..

Q: Who are Calavo's auditors?
A: Ernst & Young LLP, Woodland Hills, California..

Q: How can I contact Calavo Growers, Inc. investor relations?
A: Email: Investors@calavo.com

Mailing address:
Calavo Growers, Inc.
1141-A Cummings Road
Santa Paula, CA 93060

You may also contact Mr. Lee Cole, President of Calavo Growers, Inc. Mr. Cole can be reached
at (805) 921-3243.