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Calavo has consolidated their efforts with fresh and processed products. Distribution centers for fresh produce, diversified produce and packaged items such as guacamole, chips and salsa are now shipped out of three central locations, Santa Paula, CA, Swedesboro, NJ and Garland, TX with additional distribution of fresh produce from Nogales, AZ. Calavo  markets many tropical mainstream and specialty produce items from sweet Maui onions to pineapples as well as more exotic items like rambutan and purple sweet potatoes.



Calavo is the leading importer and marketer of sweet, delicious and nutritious Hawaiian papayas. Calavo Kapoho Solo variety papayas are grown in the warm climate of Hawaii's Big Island. Roughly 65% of the states production of papaya is exported out of state. Of that number, more than three quarters are marketed under the Calavo Gold® and Cole® brands.  That means Calavo papayas are available fresh, flavorful and year-round.

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Whether you say "tomãto" or "tomäto," the preference is always Calavo.  Most of our hothouse tomatoes are grown in the prime west coastal growing region of the La Palma Valley in Sinaloa, Mexico by a family dedicated to quality and safety.  Approximately 75% of those hothouse tomatoes grown in this fertile soil are exported to the U.S. under the prestigious Calavo brand. 

Calavo has a consistent supply of tomatoes that include round, roma, mature green and various others.  We can supply promotional business and contractual business - whether it's on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis.

What's the Calavo difference?  Calavo Growers delivers quality and stands behind it's product.  With worldwide distribution and a diversified product line, Calavo is uniquely able to fulfill the needs of large and small customers.  Calavo tomatoes and avocados...a perfect combination.

For more information on our Tomatoes from Mexico call us at (520) 281-2644

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Tropically sweet, Calavo pineapple is grown year-round in Costa Rica.  Ideal growing conditions, seasoned, veteran grower agriculturalists constantly monitor the pineapple’s sugar internal ripeness development.  Calavo pineapple is hand-picked when the sugar brix is at its peak.  Due to superior post-harvest treatments, temperature management and excellent overall fruit characteristics, this pineapple flavor and condition that lasts.  Calavo provides a consistent supply of this high quality, premium Costa Rican pineapple - considerably one of the best tasting pineapples on the planet.  

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