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Choosing RipeNow

Ripe-for-today creamy and delicious avocados can transform your next breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack from ordinary to extraordinary.  And Calavo makes it easy for you.  Simply look for avocados with the orange Calavo RipeNow?® stickers on your next visit to your favorite grocery store.  

Calavo’s leading the industry in ripe technology.  We use sound wave technology to send sound through the avocado and use the bounce back information to tell us the internal pressure of each and every avocado without damaging the fruit.  Once the avocado reaches the desired stage of ripeness, it's ready to receive the Calavo RipeNow! sticker.  We carefully pack the ripe avocados into trays and box them up to send to your grocery store.  So you can be sure your avocados are ready to eat anytime you see the RipeNow! sticker. 

RipeNow! fruit will keep nicely in your refrigerator for up to 3 days so you can have a healthy & delicious snack any day of the week!

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